Yesterday was a bittersweet day for me. We had my grandfather’s funeral. I’m going to miss him, but he lived a long, eventful life. He lived to be 90 and not a lot of people can say that. I tell you this because I know I been slacking on my posting, but that’s because, like a normal person, I was grieving. Now back to the schedule program…


I was talking to my Lyft driver the other day about depression (ironically). She studied psychology so I figured she had some gems to drop, and she did. She told me a story about how she was talking to a friend about life. She asked her what she did for fun and her friend broke down. Her friend said all she did was work, go to school, take care of her kids, and pay bills. Sounds familiar? Yes, this is most of us. Some of us might not have kids, or go to school, but most of us live like this. We don’t have any fun. I often hear people say stuff like, “as long as my bills are paid I’m fine.” That’s not true. Yes, it’s good to have your bills paid and good to have your kids straight, but what about you? How is that maintaining your mental?

Now a lot of people are missing that fact that the lack of “fun” can lead to depression. Most adults view fun to be a frivolous exercise, meaning, lack of seriousness. To really sit here and analyze fun. It’s actually the total opposite of being depressed. Fun brings happiness. Happiness is caused by having good feeling which is usually caused by amusement, laughter, joyfulness, love, and exhilaration all associated with having fun. Doing activities that reduce isolation is enjoyable to the heart.

From my personal experience, money has always hindered me from having any type of fun. You have to learn two things, 1. Everything doesn’t cost to actually do and 2. You have to learn to at least put 20/30$ to the side for you. It sounds difficult to the average person, but it’s not. Doing something as simple as Googling local events can do the trick. Another thing I do is pay attention to the place around me when I’m on my way to work. There’s parks with free movie events, happy hour specials, free parties, etc. you don’t have to travel to have fun.

Another thing me and my lyft driver talked about was her role in her friend’s depression. We’re often not aware of what’s going to with our friends like we think we are. You ask your friend out, he/she says no, you move on. That’s how it usually goes, right? We don’t tend to dig for information because we figure that they would tell us what they want us to know if they WANTED us to know right? Wrong. Most people that actually suffer from things like financial hardship, anxiety, stress, etc. tend not to talk to others about it without being asked, so you’ll never know without digging.

You have to lend a helping hand to others sometimes. Pay for an outing. If your friend has kids, but often doesn’t go out because she/ he doesn’t have a sitter do one of two options 1. Do something kid friendly, so they can bring the kids along or; 2. Offer to babysit while they go out. Some people aren’t fortunate enough to have on spot baby sitters and that’s where a lot of parents’ depression comes from. Talk to your friend. See what’s going on. Like I told this lady, you have to enjoy your life before it’s too late. Have stories to tell your children and have memories for yourself. Help someone you love build memories for themselves. Fun is a cure for depression. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

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