Embracing who you are.


Growing up, I was always different. Just growing up being the only girl in a household of guys made me feel different.  When you’re younger it’s hard to understand uniqueness. You constantly think that something is wrong with you. You tend to do things solely because you want to fit in with others. The girls thought I was weird because I wasn’t into the same things they were into. The guys thought I was weird because I was a lot like them. As I got older I found myself being something I wasn’t. I did things solely just to fit in. For a long time, I felt like I had lost myself. Wasn’t until I was in my 20s I actually started doing things that I wanted to do. When I got older, I realize that no one is alike. Uniqueness is different and different is good because everyone isn’t like you. A lot of us don’t know who we are because for so long we’ve been doing with others consider cool. Some of us are scared to be ourselves because we want to fit in so bad, but you have to realize that no matter what you’ll fit in with some crowd, if that’s what you’re into. If not, then just know that it’s OK to start your own wave.

A lot of people become depressed because they’re trying to get acceptance from others. They’re often depressed because with trying to get acceptance from others they’re not doing what makes them happy. A lot of our So-called role models are people that are not happy with themselves. Body shaming is one of our biggest issues in society today.  we often think that having a Coke bottle shape is what beauty is but everyone wasn’t’ born to have that shape, have money to but that shape, nor is meant to have that shape in the first place. Even in these days with the plus size models they say tend to have that shape too. Some of us have small legs, broad shoulders, small breasts etc… It’s important that you yourself know that it’s OK to be a natural human being. It’s OK to be any size.

Sexuality is something else that people are often scared to embrace and causes people to go into deep depression even thoughts of suicide. I think a lot of people slip into depression because mainly they’re not comfortable enough to express what the actual sexual orientation is. We as people need to make it OK to be who you are. People are uncomfortable expressing themselves because of us around them are judge mental. We as people need to express that it’s OK to be whatever you are born with without you looking in a magazine or online and feeling like a less of a person because you’re not what you see on that screen.

Statistically, younger people are at higher risk of suicide because of untreated depression. According to an article I read on the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance website, Suicide is the third leading cause of death in 15 to 24 year olds and the fourth leading cause of death in 10 to 14 year olds. Young males age 15 to 24 are at highest risk for suicide, with a ratio of males to females at 7:1. Mainly because of being make of how they look, how they dress, and their sexual orientation. A lot of parents don’t talk to their children about these issue nor do they understand that it’s mentally effecting their child. I remember growing up that my parents didn’t understand why I cried every night because people made fun of me. I was depressed for a long time not only because people made fun of me but also because I didn’t have anyone to talk to. Feeling alone causes thoughts of suicide. You feel like you’re worthless, that no one cares about your existence, and you’ll be better without being on this planet. Always watch for others that isolate themselves from others. Talk to them. Never assume because you don’t hear from someone that their OK. Remember that being who you are is what makes you feel better about yourself. Self-love is the key factor to attracting other people. Self-love mixed with encouragement is what we need to keep going. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

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