Speaking your Mind.

One of the hardest things for me to do is saying how I feel. I’ve always been scared to hurt others. I often worry about how they would feel vs. how stuff makes me feel. There had been many times where I would completely shut down because I didn’t know what I should say to others without them being upset at me. I thought silence would solve my problems, but I was wrong. Being silent only keeps your feeling bottled up for so long. We often slip into a deep depression because so. With keeping it bottled up, it often times effects how we communicate.

Speech is a unique yet critical way to spot depression. Our tones change when we’re depressed. We tend to have deeper, raspier, and hoarse tones. We also become less fluent in our speech. Have you even been so upset that you couldn’t speak? Have you ever been so dismayed that you’ve stuttered your words? These are signs that depression is effecting your speech.

Our memory tend to become clouded too. You’ll notice that you can’t think straight or remember key things when you’re suffering from depression. Depressed People tend to have, “Slow Executive Thinking” Award winning writer, Natasha Tracy define Executive Thinking as, “skills required to plan, organize and problem-solve.” Indecisiveness is a good example of this. We know what we want but we’ll say “I don’t know” mainly because we don’t want to be rejected. Rejection is the main reason we don’t verbally express ourselves.  Me personally, I’ve always been afraid of a no. I’m afraid of telling someone how I feel about things and its being blown out of proportion. This fear tend to come from high anxiety levels (something that most people who has suffered from depression has).  Tracy also comes up with the solution of writing solutions down before actually attempting to make them. Writing suggestions down and listen pros and cons allow you to visualize how situation will turn out in the long run.

If you deal with someone that you know suffers from speaking up you should definitely encourage them to say what’s on their mind. Let it be known that you value their opinion and you’re open to hear their suggestions. This makes that person’s anxiety levels lower and make them more comfortable to express how they’re feeling. If you are that person that has trouble expressing how you feel let me suggest one thing, DON’T BE AFRAID. Seriously think to yourself, what do I have to lose? We as people have to understand this is one thing that makes people around us toxic (I’ll write about it at a later date). One reason being that we can’t express ourselves without being verbally abused, looked down upon, and flat out told were are wrong without an inch of consideration. We can’t let every NO break our spirits or every person that walks out on us kill our confidence. Remember to keep people around you that you’re comfortable enough to talk to. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

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