Feature Story By: Shuntel Diego

Titled  ”  She Broke My Heart And I Let Her ” 

I Gave My Trust And My Love To Her Showing Her That I’m Different From The Others That Didn’t Last Or Cared That Was The Biggest Mistake I’ve Ever Made Cause She Broke My Heart And I Let Her Cause The Love That I Wasn’t Getting From Anywhere Else I Got It From Her But I Felt Like That Wasn’t Enough So I Campaigned For More She Told Me That She Wasn’t That Affectionate And That’s Something She’s Working On But Honestly I Knew She Wasn’t Gonna Be Able To Do So So I Would Just Have To Understand It But It Was Hard To Do So Cause I’m Very Affectionate And Emotional So That Wouldn’t Work For Me But I Just Took The Attention And Care She Was Giving Cause I Simply Needed It And I Wasn’t Getting It From Anywhere Else Day By Day I Felt More Close To Her The Equivalent To That Was Dancing With The Lady In The Red Dress And Caressing Her That Simple Decision Can Be The Death Of Me But It Felt So Good Doing So She Was My Guilty Pleasure But The Closer I Got To Her The More Problems Came Like Her Entertaining Other Guys On Social Media Like Facebook Twitter And Instagram That Made Me Uncomfortable But Some Way She Moon-walked Her Way Outta Every Problem I Had With Her Damn She Was Good I Just Didn’t Know How She Did So Maybe Cause I Allowed It Cause I Didn’t Want Her To Leave Me I Felt Like A Domestic Violence Abuse Victim She Had Me Saying Things Like Maybe If Loved Her More Give Her More Time And Attention Maybe She Will See That I’m All For Her And She Will Be For Me And Make Me Feel Like The Only Man In The World And Stop Giving Unnecessary Attention To Other Guys But She Didn’t She Continued Entertaining Them Niggas Damn Man I Hated The Fact She Had Me Like That But Once I’m In To Someone Like I Was With Her It’s Very Hard For Me To Let Go Cause I’ve Gotten Extremely Comfortable With Her So I Took Her Attention And Care Even If It Wasn’t Real I Didn’t Care But In A Way I Did I Was All Messed Up She Was A Very Smart Woman She Wasn’t Stupid Neither Was I But I Was Stupid In Love Just Blinded So A Few Lies Came From Her I Noticed Them But Never Said Anything On It Cause That Would Ruin What We Had So I Left It Alone I Should Of Said Something But I Didn’t Everyday After That I Felt Pain And More Pain Behind Dealing With Her My World And Heart Broke In Pieces I Simply Had To Pick Them Broken Pieces Up And Put My World And Heart Back Together The Most Difficult Thing I Had To Do In My Life I Wanted To Be Mad At Her And Hate Her But I Couldn’t I Have No One To Blame But Myself Cause I Allowed Everything She Gave Me And What She Didn’t I Was Completely A Pushover For Her Love That Wasn’t Even Real The Moral Of The Story Is She Broke My Heart And I Let Her

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