Falling (a short story and summary).

I was always scared to love again. Love brought me so many different emotions, but being depressed is the one that stuck out the most. I was in a situation where I loved someone so much that it was toxic. I loved them so much that I couldn’t let go. More than that, I cared for them. I thought because I was in love that I was supposed to be happy all the time and even grateful, but I wasn’t. I often asked myself why. Why is this feeling causing me so much pain? Why does this feeling make me cry at night? Why does this feeling cloud my thoughts? Once I fell in love with someone else it all made sense to me again. Love comes in different forms and can change at a drop of a hat. Love is something that both people can feel about each other, but in different ways. Love is one vague feeling that has branches of other feelings. What I had in the past was tainted love. What I have now is a mixture of platonic and eye-catching love. It’s all different. I had to be open to the idea of loving again because the past made me scared of it. I’m happy I took the risk of loving again because heartbreak makes you think love is only one way and that’s not true. Open up you heart for someone worthy enough to change that vision like I did….. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

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