Gathering my Thoughts.

I’ve been away from social media for a while so I could gather all my thoughts, to figure out my next move, and to capitalize on my visions. I’ve been working on myself; trying to tear down this wall I have up and work with my love ones. I have a lot I want to accomplish in what seems like such a small amount of time. I’m learning to not rush success. I’m learning that you can’t compare yourself to other’s success because everyone’s life journey isn’t the same. We often slip into depression because we see growth in others around us and we feel like we’re going nowhere. Our worst enemy and our biggest critic is our own thoughts. We often beat ourselves up because of mistakes we made in our pass or just overall decisions that’s not necessarily mistakes  that makes who we are in the present. Basically, we’re mad about a lot of stuff we can’t go back and fix. We fail to realize that life gives many situations that can change our lives.

Life is a big scavenger hunt. We get signs and it’s our job to go find what that sign is referring to. I think the biggest misperception spiritual and religious people have is that if our higher being actually exist then why do we still struggle? After soul searching I came up with two things. One, struggle makes you the person you are today. It often humbles us and makes us who we are today. Two, no matter how many handouts you’re passed in life, if you don’t do your job of keeping up with them or capitalizing with them then you’ll struggle. How many people have you met that had everything handed to them and still messes up? It’s just in your cards to go through what you go through and everything isn’t always going to make sense

This post isn’t me telling you that you should get over yourself and not let struggle bother you, because that’s just false. It’s going to always bother you. This post is for you to know that pretty much everyone struggles with wanting everything to go right in their lives. We been taught that we’re supposed to live life a certain a way. For example, some of us were taught that we’re supposed to wait to have sex until marriage then have kids. Honestly, that often doesn’t happen but you shouldn’t feel bad about that. That’s life. That’s YOUR life. I thought that I should be finished with college by now and working in the education field but that’s not the case. I often beat myself up about it and was even embarrassed to tell people that I wasn’t finished with school. After recent soul searching, I realized that it’ll be my time when it’s supposed to me. I accept my flaws for what they are and I’m happier than I ever been. Not just with school, but with my love life as well. If you would have asked me like 5-10 years ago where I would like to be with my love life, I would have hoped to be married and possible had a child by now. Looking at what I went through the last few years I’m happy where I am now. Learn to love your progress and embrace your struggle. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

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