Coming together.

Holiday season is family time. I been hanging with my family all weekend and it’s been pretty dope. I’ve learned a lot about myself this weekend. I learned things from family history to where some of my traits comes from. Holiday season is also grind time. I’m not just talking about making extra money. It’s time to reflect on what’s happened this year, positive and negative, and learning from it. It’s time to make game plans on how to progress even further then you did this year. This year I took a couple leaps that I wouldn’t normally take. Some worked, some not so much, but I definitely figured out what my actual passion was and I’m working towards it. I often tell people that you can’t put a timeline on your life. Be patient and you’ll gain what’s in the cards for you. I promise you that letting life happens the way it should instead of putting a deadline on everything makes your anxiety level go down. Do what makes you happy and continue to be ambitious. Note that you can make money doing anything in this world so make money doing what you love vs. what others think you should do. Your life is YOUR LIFE.

We often think doing everything on our own is rewarding. We think that full independence is the only way things will, not only get done, but get done right and in a timely matter. First of all, remember, you can’t rush success. So many people between 30-40 are depressed simply because they’re not happy where they are in life. We often look others people success and compare it to ours. That’s the problem. Whether we like or not some of us have to work harder than others to gain. Think about it, a lot of things were are taught comes from our childhood. When I was growing up, I was taught to do things on my own and not to ask for too much help. I was taught not to take handout. This taught me to be independent. This taught me how to get it on my own without feeling like I need others, but this wasn’t healthy.

I grew up seeing some of my cousins and friends getting the support that deep down inside I desired. From buying them cars to going to all there sports games to just supporting what they wanted to do in the future. All this stuff I didn’t have. I was taught that you only got this stuff if you worked on your own to get it. Your parents and siblings (if you have any) is your first partnership. I knew once I got older that you have to work together as a unit to gain in this world. We as people have need to support each other and motivate each other so we won’t be unsure if we’re making the right decision. Learn to understand what your love ones are into and encourage them to work towards that. A lot of people between the ages of 45 -60 that suffer from depression are depressed because they worked in fields that they were never happy working in. they didn’t follow in their dreams. This results in poor health, mood swings, bitterness, and even thoughts of suicide. This is why it’s CRITICAL to come together and help each other work towards your goals.

Now don’t get me wrong, my parents (and grandparents) were wonderful people. For the most part I felt loved, but I just felt like I was somewhat a disappointment. I know deep down inside when I told my grandmother that I wanted to be a writer and a teacher she was disappointed. She often made comments that there’s no money in education. She may be right, but I was passionate about it. When I discovered passion I learned at that moment that money wasn’t everything. Don’t let money be your only drive for success let passion be your true ambition. Support your kids. Support your siblings. Support your parents. Support true happiness vs. working just to have money. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

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