New Year, New Me?

Happy Holidays everyone! 2017 had been a journey for us all. I won’t say it was the worst year of my life, because I’ve done and gained so much this year. I won’t let the bad things that happened this year take from that. The problem with most of us is that we constantly put our negative experiences on a hierarchy and tend to forget our accomplishments. Besides losing my grandpa, this year was pretty good. Next year will be even better. I’m speaking it into existence. New Year, new me? No. more so, New Year BETTER me. We can only approve not become something completely different.

Every year (besides this year), I put a timeline on what I wanted to accomplish, and when I didn’t I would really be down on myself. That’s not fair. You can’t control when and what happens in your life completely. Yes, it’s ok to know what you want out of it, but there’s a thin line between eagerness and ambition. Working towards your goals is great but, like everything, you can overdue it. Can’t rush progress because with rush work there comes mistakes. For example, for years I wanted a new job. I would do a gazillion application with no standards. I was applying anywhere just so I could move forward. As good as that may sound to most; it wasn’t good. For one, I applied for so many jobs that when they would call me back I would have no idea who I was dealing with. Also, without doing the proper research, I could’ve ended up somewhere worst then my current job (at the time). Now when I apply for work I research the companies I apply for as well as pace myself. I don’t apply for 30 jobs at a time. This also means that I don’t apply for two jobs and wait on a response. I balance out and always have a backup plan.

Let’s talk briefly about backup plans. I’m always the person that believes in speaking stuff into existence and owning what’s not particularly mines yet. I believe that owning something mentally will lead up to owning it physically. This has conflicted in the past. Sometimes things would go south and I would be extremely hard on myself. This is because I didn’t have a plan b. Having a plan b isn’t a bad thing. At first I thought having a backup plan was, mainly because I believed that you never fully believed in your first plan to begin with by having one, but that’s not true. Sometimes you have to think realistically. We won’t get everything we want, and don’t view that as a bad thing. Remember that there’s other ways for you to still live your life. There’s not one path to success. Also, believe in yourself. You can’t expect others to believe in you more than you. Like love. We often want others to love us unconditionally yet we don’t fully love ourselves. How can you take such strong energy from someone else without feeling it for yourself? How do you even know it’s actually good for you?

2018 is just anything year for us to discover more about ourselves. Take the opportunity to figure out what you’ll like to gain and work towards it. Don’t just talk about it, be about it. You have to be your biggest supporter, and your biggest critic. You have to show love to yourself. Treat yourself to something nice. Let the love and support you show to yourself bring love from other people. Everything starts with you.  #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

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