Overwhelmed with Joy. (Appreciation Post)

Wow, I didn’t think posting an audio post would do so well, but it’s my best performing post yet! Growing up I wasn’t much of a talker. This was mainly because I was both shy and insecure. My gap tooth was always my biggest insecurity. I would hate reading out loud and when I did, I would mumble and stutter because of my nerves. For two years, I was put in a reading development class because they thought I struggled with reading. The teacher knew I could read she also knew I struggled with communicating with others. I was so awkward. I had trouble making friends because I was uncomfortable with talking to strangers. Most of my close friends growing up was my family.

Ironically, when I started college, I decided to major in Speech Communications. I learned a lot about public speaking and working in groups. It was life changing. I always wrote a lot so blogging was my fate I feel. I met a guy about two years ago and he asked me what I thought about radio or podcasting. I laughed. I told him I wasn’t built for anything like that. He was confused but I was very serious. I was still insecure about my public speaking abilities. The idea was cool, but I didn’t have confidence in myself to make that move.

My boyfriend and I for the longest talked about me getting a microphone. I went back and forth with the idea. It was the only way I could face my fear of speaking to others. One day I just made the purchase. Cool, but what was next? I literally stared at the box for weeks until I decided to try it out for the first time. Once I did I was mind blown. I instantly got comfortable. I didn’t know exactly what I should do with my microphone, then just two nights ago, I thought “why not record segments on your blog?” and here we are. I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is one of my biggest accomplishment over the course of my life and thank you all for embracing it. Love you all and I’ll continue to use my voice to help other. If you struggle with this, you can grow out of it. Stuff takes time. I’m 27 now and I just got comfortable with the idea of networking. Let life take its course. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

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