Comfortable in My Own Skin.

I’m starting to enjoy being me and I love it! I used to be so insecure about how I looked and my personality. I know I’m the black sheep of any group I’m involved in and I’m ok with that. There’s no problem with being different, unique, weird or any other term people try to use that comes off offensive. I rather be me then someone that’s like everyone else. I enjoy standing out. A lot of time we confuse being different with being wrong. Sometimes the “norm” is a red flag of insecurities. Just think about it; a lot of people we know or have seen act the same way. Who’s being real? If I see 10 people in a group all acting the same, I know at least two or three isn’t being their real self.

I can honestly say that none of my friends are exactly alike. We’re all are our own persons and I love them for it. With that being said, I’ve had times in my past where I wasn’t comfortable being me with some of my friends. This was because of me and NOT them.  I thought I was weird for liking the stuff that I liked. I could never meet people that liked everything I was into. I basically beat myself up about something that was normal. You won’t ever find people that like all the things you like and that’s OK. My friends never made me feel like I was weird and that’s why they’re my friends.

The people around you makes a difference when you’re trying to find comfort within yourself. You should never befriend anyone that tries to make you change you. Now if you’re attitude is bad or you’re acting out of character that’s different. Your friends should definitely tell you about yourself in that case. I know it’s a thin line, but it’s a line that we all should know exist and respect it. We all have to learn that people’s opinions about us are just opinions. That’s all they really should be for the most part unless something extremely offensive was said. You’ll know the difference.

A lot of my comfort came from me being tired. I’m not an actor so why was I ACTING like I was into things that I wasn’t? I wasn’t happy with myself. Now, with me being my true self, I see why I had trouble with being social. I wasn’t confident in what I was saying because the real me wasn’t speaking or expressing myself. I wrote this post because for the first time in my life I can openly say that I’m comfortable with me. I’m doing everything I been wanting to do and the support I’ve obtain has been overwhelming. Comfort comes from within and it takes some time to get use to. The hardest part is being OK with the fact that others may not like the real you. We spend a lot of our time being cautious with how we act around others, but we lose ourselves in the process. We can’t be afraid of us. Being liberated is about self-expression. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike


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