Mental Health Awareness Questions ( Anonymous #1)

1. How old were you when you realized mental health was a thing?

⁃ 12

2. Did your parents have any mental issues from your knowledge?

⁃ My mom has anxiety and depression

3. If so, how was it growing up ?

⁃ It was hard cause when she was diagnosed I was old enough to see the change in her and I wanted to make her feel better and I wanted the “old her” back but I had to realize that its not that simple and it takes way more than anything i could do by myself. I had to accept that those feelings were selfish of me and that the best thing i could do was to support her in whatever ways I could.

4. What hobbies do you practice to keep your mental in tact?

⁃ Bingeing horrible/ classic scary movies, loudly listening to music, spending time with the people I love and the people that love me back.

5. What does mental health awareness mean to you?

⁃ It means paying attention to your own sanity. For me personally I am too giving with my time and energy and sometimes I don’t really realize it until I’m burnt out and don’t have the motivation to do anything. So Im getting into the habit of constantly checking in with myself and making sure I’m mentally okay enough for anything i sign up for and I’m practicing saying no more (with hopes that the world won’t end lol).

Mental Health Awareness Submission (Sonia R. )

“The first time I felt like killing myself was when I was 10 years old. I’ve struggled with my health since I was a baby and I remember being angry at God cuz he made me suffer so much, I was constantly in & out of clinics and any kind of healers my parents came across. I remember telling my mom I wanted to die and wanting reassurance and support from her, to be told I was loved. Instead, she told every family member she could that I wanted to die, not sure what she got out of doing it. From then on, I knew I didn’t have anyone else to support me emotionally, I guess that’s when I realized mental health was a thing.

My dad was always working. My mother was a stay at home wife until I was 15, she was always occupied with things that weren’t me. That was normal to me. I didnt see it as if my parents had any mental issues growing up. They were good providers, I never went hungry, always had a roof over my head and clothes on my back. They just lacked emotional intelligence but that also had to with how they were raised.

As an adult, I struggle with depression and anxiety and suicidal thoughts when stressed. I hate antianxiety meds cuz they make me feel too suicidal to function. I take mental health days as often as I can and keep in touch with the few close friends that I have. My creative outlets include sewing, painting, cooking/baking, and I work on learning new ways to create with different mediums.

Mental awareness to me means being mindful about your own mind and your actions. I can only speak for myself but I’m constantly in my head so i try to check myself. I like to think that my conscience keeps me in line. You gotta be the change you wanna see in the world right?”

Sonia R.

IG & Twitter: @sony_is_awesome

Mental Health Awareness month questionnaire ( My answers ❤️)

Hello guys! As you know, I recently talked about my questionnaire I have for mental health awareness month. I decided to make a video of me answering these questions. I was a little nervous at first but I realize my transparency will help out others that may want to talk about these topics ,but may not be comfortable with doing so. I hope that looking at my video will encourage others to take the questionnaire whether it’s on paper or a video. It’s a great mental exercise! Let me know what you think ❤️ #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

I hope I did ok! Haha ✨❤️

Learn How to Show Empathy for Others.

Hey guys!! I’m back with a short post about compassion. I don’t use this platform to address current events, and I won’t start now. I will talk about the lack of empathy shown on social media and how some of us may feel like we can’t express ourselves without being told “get over it” or “it’s not that deep”. I do this too unfortunately, and I’m a work in progress. One thing I will say about myself that others can’t is that I take accountability for my actions. Let me break down the layers of empathy for those who are not familiar with the term.

Being able to put yourself into someone else’s place, and see their perspective is called COGNITIVE EMPATHY. This is probably the most known form and easiest for us to act upon. You yourself might not go through what others may, but you understand why someone would be upset. Main example would be racism. You don’t have to be a minority to understand why racism is unacceptable and often not forgiven. Have compassion for those who doesn’t take racism lightly and understand that it’s not really your battle to fight. If you’re over something and someone else might still be bothered, that’s OK. There’s no timeline for being able to forgive.

When you’re able to literally FEEL the other persons’ emotions when someone expresses how they feel about things, this is called EMOTIONAL EMPATHY. This is a little tricky because this type could be a good and bad thing. Good because you start to really understand what that person is feeling and why they feel this way, but bad in a sense because  you can’t really give the compassion fully when you start being emotional attached.

Lastly, having an understanding of empathy and taking actions to help them is called COMPASSIONATE EMPATHY. This is probably the most desirable of all three.  Actions speak louder than words for most of us. Showing people and expressing to other’s is a boost for those who need empathy.

Social Media is something that a lot of us view as toxic mainly because of the lack of compassion for important matters. I want to start by saying, I try to avoid being online a lot because when you look for something, you’ll always find it. I find myself looking for the comments that aren’t how I view things and getting myself worked up because of it. It’s like we look for the lack of compassion but in all reality, it’s not that hard to find. I’m learning to follow those who aren’t like this and I’m trying to learn how to ignore what I don’t like on social media. I’m also aware that others can’t handle things like I do.

I hope by reading this you have more of an understanding of what empathy means and why it’s important to have it for others. We as people shouldn’t make people feel bad for things that they should be emotional toward. Who are we to tell people not to care about stuff they have passion for? Be self-aware of your actions when you’re not being sensitive to people’s feelings and note that you’ll be in that person’s shoes someday. Lastly, try not to expect compassion offline. you’ll be disappointed almost every time. #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

Toy Drive Recap/ Blog Update.

Hello everyone!! I’m happy to be back! I wanted to give a brief summary about the Toy Drive yesterday! People have been asking about it and I’m soo grateful for all of the positive feedback that I’ve been receiving. Please enjoy and share!! #thisiswhatdepressionlookslike

Music By: Like (From PacDiv) “Gabriel” (2018) A very fire Beat tape. Go check this out!